Going Organic with Every Step

Vedic Kitchen is the perfect blend of technology with Ayurvedic tradition based upon trust. 

We provide 100% organic products that are carefully picked and sourced with expertise to maintain consistency in taste and quality. We assure you that all of the grain’s nutrients are preserved and maintained during the packaging process. We make every effort to deliver the mix of the freshness of the fields with the strength of the whole wheat, spices, dal & staples. Vedic Kitchen is the perfect blend of technology with Ayurvedic tradition based upon trust.

We pledge to provide authentic flavor as well as healthful nutrients and basics along with hygienic packaging. Organic superfoods are a commitment to not only customers but also to the environment. We highly value health and nutrition along with the sustainability. We are keen on providing garden fresh spices that have a blissful fragrance with the desired aroma.

We are dedicated to offering original organic superfoods with pure taste and exotic flavor that nourishes your digestive enzymes as well, from the strength of high-quality whole wheat to the finest spices that are meticulously picked and selected.

Why Vedic Kitchen?

Certified Organic, Non-GMO

We offer high quality ingredients from certified organic farms that are grown naturally without pesticides or additives.

Farm-to-Fork Organic Traceability

With our farm-to-fork traceability, our customers can be assured that the food they purchase is safe, authentic, and of high quality.

Legacy Since 1917

Brought to you by the House of Baidyanath, India's oldest Ayurveda company - offering multi-generational knowledge on health and well-being.

Batch Tested

We test each batch of our products to for various parameters, thus ensusring that only the highest quality ingredients are offered to our consumers.

Vegan Friendly

Our products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

From Sustainable Agriculture

We support sustainable, ethical, small-scale farming communities. Our consumers are our partners for positive environmental and social impact.