About Vedic Kitchen

The Baidyanath family gives you A1 grade ‘Vedic Kitchen’, a line of high-quality culinary products backed by 100 years of experience. All of our goods are 100% organic, natural, and free from artificial colors and additives. Our goods meet the strictest organic certification requirements as well as health and safety laws.

Our strict quality control and organic techniques ensure that the products keep all of their nutritional value. We make certain that only high-quality items make their way into your kitchen. Our prime quality ingredients come from organic farms that don’t use pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Baidyanath has nearly a century of experience in Ayurveda and living sciences.

Through Vedic Kitchen, we present you with the organic way to healthy well-being in modern life. Consumers acquire high-quality items with earthy flavor from Vedic Kitchen Organic superfoods. Our range of spices aims to boost the cooking methods with blended delight.

We are Proudly
Vedic Kitchen

  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO

    We offer high quality ingredients from certified organic farms that are grown naturally without pesticides or additives.

  • Farm-to-Fork Organic Traceability

    With our farm-to-fork traceability, our customers can be assured that the food they purchase is safe, authentic, and of high quality.

  • Legacy Since 1917

    Brought to you by the House of Baidyanath, India's oldest Ayurveda company - offering multi-generational knowledge on health and well-being.

  • Batch Tested

    We test each batch of our products to for various parameters, thus ensusring that only the highest quality ingredients are offered to our consumers.

  • Vegan Friendly

    Our products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

  • From Sustainable Agriculture

    We support small farming communities using sustainable and ethical practices. Our consumers can be confident of the positive environmental and social impact of the food they are purchasing.

Our Story

Vedic Kitchen adheres to environmental sustainability and believes in providing you with only the finest ingredients, which are delicately hand-picked and processed with the same love and care that you use to create your meals. With the finest grains and spices, Vedic Kitchen ensures that only goodness reaches your home, resulting in the best ingredients you can utilize in your kitchen. 

A brand that is dedicated to seasoning your special moments with your loved ones while also delivering exceptional taste. Have the benefit of health with every bite cherishing excellent flavor with a wonderful fragrance.

Certified Organic

High Quality Ingredients from Certified Organic Farms

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