1. We ship all the order on the same day as of the order (except for Sunday) placed before 4 PM, Monday to Saturday. For all the other orders, the shipping happens on the next day.

  2. For the orders to Metros, please allow 24-48 hours for delivery and for all the other places, the order may take 2-5 days, depending upon the coverage from our logistics partner.

Why Vedic Kitchen?

Certified Organic, Non-GMO

We offer high quality ingredients from certified organic farms that are grown naturally without pesticides or additives.

Farm-to-Fork Organic Traceability

With our farm-to-fork traceability, our customers can be assured that the food they purchase is safe, authentic, and of high quality.

Legacy Since 1917

Brought to you by the House of Baidyanath, India's oldest Ayurveda company - offering multi-generational knowledge on health and well-being.

Batch Tested

We test each batch of our products to for various parameters, thus ensusring that only the highest quality ingredients are offered to our consumers.

Vegan Friendly

Our products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

From Sustainable Agriculture

We support sustainable, ethical, small-scale farming communities. Our consumers are our partners for positive environmental and social impact.